Hans Storsberg

I have always loved to create, express myself and capture experiences. I grew up in a home where as a child I was encouraged to paint, take photos and play music. My life is a journey and destination of moments, and those moments are what makes life exciting. My wife and I decided to move to Santa Fe from upstate New York several years ago. I have been exploring my singer/songwriting and expanding my photography work. I have loved photography for just as long as I have written music. Music and photography have always gone hand and hand for me. They not only complement each other,  but they also allow me to see things outside convention, and enable me to seize unscripted precious memories! It’s almost like I see music and hear images. My goal is to lead and help people to see the beauty in all they possess. 

Taking a photo is more than just pointing a camera. It’s an opportunity for me to show you who you are! To show the joy and love we all have inside, and hand you a memory. I do this by capturing the experience, having fun, making people relax, and telling your story!